offers quality measuring equipment, accredited calibrations and repairs. By fully understanding and fulfilling the needs of our customers, we will be the preferred supplier of these services. 

Closeouts and Sale Items
We offer a small selection of popular closeout or overstocked items at deeply discounted prices.


Shimana Digital Light Meter

Digital Light Meter
Price: $99.00
Part#: SHLELX026

Shimana AC Clamp Multimeters

AC Clamp Multimeters
From: $98.00
Part#: DUT200 Series

Shimana Photo-contact Tachometer

Photo-contact Tachometer
Price: $249.00
Part#: GL-DT-2236

How To Order
Doing business with us is easy! Once you have found your Product or Solution please contact us for a quotation. Please note that the first transaction is Mastercard or Visa & all subsequent transactions will depend on credit information supplied by customer. Once approved, we will be pleased to offer net 30 days term.

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New products

Shimana 50m Laser Distance Meter

50m Laser Distance Meter
Price: $159.00
Part#: SHSESM076


Price: $169.00
Part#: SHSEIR122

Shimana Photo tachometer

Photo tachometer
Price: $99.00
Part#: SHSETH123

Shimana Compact Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Compact Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Price: $429.00
Part#: SHGLTM128

Shimana Paint Thickness Tester

Paint Thickness Tester
Price: $389.00
Part#: SHGLTM127

Shimana Moisture Tester for Building Materials

Moisture Tester for Building Materials
Price: $199.00
Part#: SHSEMM138